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Bultaco Streaker Image

Bultaco project

The Bultaco Streaker is a restoration project that was complex and fun to do. The Streaker was more than 10 years in a barn so it had rust literally everywhere, although the engine was in good condition.

As can be seen in the pictures, this Streaker doesn’t look like the Streaker that came out of the factory in the late 70’s. But the thing is that this Bultaco was prepared by the previous owner to race with dual brakes in the front, with a racing handlebar and even with a custom fairing in the front. So I decided to leave it as I got it, although I changed the brake discs from the aluminium ones to the steel ones because of safety features and few other mods to equalise the esthetic.

There are few things that I have to do but I can’t right now because of my current residence country.


monkey bike pit bike

Monkey Bike project

This project was born from my brother. He decided to improve his Monkey Bike 90cc, and he bought a lot of parts to create a road motorcycle with a plus of quality and power. But finally, we finished creating a monster.

After few modifications and with the idea of a road motorcycle dead, he decided to make a handmade chassis that I helped to design and manufacture. Finally, we finished it together as stands now.

Power: 18hp Weight: 62kg

A very fun project that we enjoyed manufacturing and driving.


tunel de viento casero

Wind Tunnel

The wind tunnel was made to prove and test an innovative final career project using flaps on a motorcycle and also it was a project that helped me a lot to understand better the aerodynamic in general.

The wind tunnel has a 2.2kw motor used for full speed air, but it can be attached a 700w motor to be able to modify the speed of the air.

Also, it has some accessories such as smoke machine and a system to calculate the drag and the downforce of a piece inside of the tunnel.


Motorcycle suspension

This is a prototype that I made for an exposition in the university.

For the project, I only had to test the structure using software but I decided to go a little bit more far by manufacturing by myself a prototype made of welded aluminium.

That helped me to know that the software is a good tool, but most of the time you need a prototype to figure things out and it’s an easy way to test a product.

tronzadora de leña

Log Splitter

The log splitter was another university project that I did by software and I also manufactured a prototype.

The machine works turning a cone threaded that combine the advantages of the inclined plane and threads to split the logs.

It has an electric motor of 2.2kw but I can even put a petrol engine for those jobs in the forest.

mesa de diseño madera

Design stuff

These 3 design pieces are one the best that I have done over the years.

The idea is to take something that most of the people would consider like rubbish and turned into a something practical and beautiful.

The wooden table was a complex project to which I dedicated few days with special wooden tools, but it became something awesome that I keep very proud.
The mechanical pieces were much more easy. Just a little bit of imagination and they are made.